4 in 1: Toddler tower, chair, table and slide

Super-smart patented design of the tower allows your child to get his own table with chair along with the slide. The chair has seatback and wide opening which makes the use of the item safe and convenient.

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Transform Your Child's World with Convertible Montessori Furniture

The Ultimate Toddler Tower

Versatile and space-saving, our 3-in-1 tower transforms from a toddler tower to a full-fledged table with chair and high seatback.

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Sturdy and Stable Design

Our toddler tower ensures safety and stability with a low center of gravity, improved roll-over protection, and side stabilizers.

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Kitchen tower toddler table 7 in 1 convertible learning kitchen step stool help tower Montessori desk & Paper roll, toddler standing tower

Unleash Creativity with Paper Roll

Enhance imagination with our Montessori Paper Roll, attachable to the Toddler Tower or Montessori Table.

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Modular Design with Add-Ons

Customize your toddler tower with removable add-ons like a kids slide, chalkboard, paper roll and cloth keeper for endless entertainment.

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Safe & Convenient Slide

Experience the perfect combination of safety and convenience with our slide. Featuring protective sides and a removable upper front bar, it offers unmatched fun with enhanced safety.

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Chair to Step Stool in Seconds

Our lightweight toddler chair effortlessly converts into a convenient step stool, perfect for independence.

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Convertible Montessori Table: Endless Adventures

Immerse your child in play and learning with our Montessori table that transforms into a kids slide.

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Foldable Climbing Arch: Rocker and More

Let your child experience the joy of our foldable climbing arch with ramp and slide, doubling as a comfortable rocker with thick cushion.

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The history of creation of the toddler tower with seatback

We just wanted to make the convertible learning tower which would convert into really convenient table with chair. The problem was, there were no tower with seatback option - only with a bench.

The bench is fine but it has two substantial drawbacks: the child may fall backwards, and and it is not too convenient and healthy to seat without the seatback - every adult who has ever used chair and bench would agree.

So we found a way to add a seatback and make the tower stylish, stable and comfortable.

Our target was to create convenient piece of furniture, that could be used by a child as his own space for art, food and games, and we hope that we succeed.

Join the big family of Climbambino parents now and give your child unprecendent comfort and convenience with our convertible toddler tower!