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Kitchen tower toddler table 7 in 1 convertible learning kitchen step stool help tower Montessori desk & Paper roll, toddler standing tower

Kitchen tower toddler table 7 in 1 convertible learning kitchen step stool help tower Montessori desk & Paper roll, toddler standing tower

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Add Chalkboard, Cloth Keeper or Paper Holder?
Choose Slide & Additional Chair options

★ PATENTED TODDLER TOWER that converts into really comfortable table & chair WITH HIGH SEATBACK

★ MODULAR ADD-ONS: Blackboard, Slide, Cloth keeper, Holder for a Paper Roll - turn the tower into a real kids entertainment center!

★ INNOVATIVE SLIDE: Extremely convenient SLIDE option. The upper front bar is REMOVABLE so the child can use the slide easily with unprecedented convenience and safety

★ EASY TRANSFORMATION: The kitchen help tower can be prettily transformed in 10 seconds - into the chair with the seatback and a table

★ CONVENIENT OPENING: It is extremely easy to get up and sit down at the table - Convenient opening allows child to get up and sit at the table comfortably - No need to climb on the seat anymore!


★ TWINS double toddler kitchen tower design is available

★ Unique Convertible ADDITIONAL CHAIR - STEP STOOL available -allows to use the table by two children simultaneously and can be converted into a light step stool for bathroom and regular use by older kids 

★ Stylish design - looks good both in learning helper tower and table & chair forms

★ RELAXED SITTING: The child can relax while sitting at the table - thanks to the back of the chair, the child's back is not strained. This encourages the child to spend more time for learning activities at the table

★ Sturdy and reliable design of the toddler tower convertible - allows it to distribute the load throughout the structure.

★ Low-placed center of gravity - adds stability to the tower while use

★ Improved roll-over protection - It is almost impossible to topple the tower from the side of the step by a child. Side stabilizers are present as well.

★ Can stand close to furniture - No protruding parts in front

★ It is easy to climb the toddler kitchen tower - not narrowed protective rails allows to climb conveniently

This listing includes ONE convertible toddler tower. Paper is not included. Please choose what options you would like the tower to be supported with.

This toddler tower convertible is designed to help the children to explore the world, have fun - and also to have a piece of their own beautiful furniture. Children can have a lot of fun while cooking or cleaning together with parents and climb on and off the toddler kitchen tower. The learning toddler tower can be used not only in the kitchen - child can wash his hands or clean teeth. Table transformation can be used by child to draw, paint or eat at his own table. The size of the learning tower table allows it to be used by two children at the same time.

Materials & Details

Recommended age: from 14+ months

Material: High-quality birch plywood

The coating is acrylic / water-based paint that meets EU toy safety chemical requirements as per DIN EN 71-3.


Any color is possible. Custom color may increase time of manufacturing of the item.
Colors may slightly vary from what appears online due to your screen settings. The grain (visual pattern) of wood surface may vary.


The item is shipped in disassembled state. The detailed manual and screwdriver are included. Video guide is present as well.


We ship the items with reliable companies, all packages are insured.

Terms of delivery are as follows:

USA: 5-10 business days (UPS combined)

UK: 10-18 business days (Parcelforce / Royalmail)

Germany: 10-18 business days (DHL)

Worldwide: 10-25 business days

Order preparation: depending on the details of your order (color, options selected etc., we usually need 1-5 business days to prepare the order for shipping


Height: 90 cm (35.5")
Platform dimensions: 40 x 27.5 cm (15,75 x 10.83")
Height from the platform surface to the top: 45cm (17.7")
Base: 40 x 52 cm (15,74 x 20.47")
Table dimensions: 40 x 55 cm (15,75 x 21.65")
Table height: 45 cm (17.75")
Seat height: 22,5 cm (8,9")

Slide dimensions: 100x38 cm (40"x15")

Suitable dimensions for paper roll:
- up to 14" width
- inner diameter 1.25" or bigger


IT IS REQUIRED TO USE THE ITEM UNDER ADULTS SUPERVISION ONLY. The seller, manufacturer or any other associated person cannot be held responsible for any accidents. Only parents are allowed to transform the furniture from one position into another. All screw clamps (if any) must be fully tightened before any use.

Intellectual property

The design and princliple of the converible toddler tower with seatback and its addons, as well as other transformable furniture are protected by significant number of International Patents and Copyright legislation. By copying the product or the principle you commit patent infringement and will face serious legal issues.

Delivery guarantee and Warranty

We are responsible that the products will come in a proper state. We will send you new product or parts in case of damage during delivery or package loss. We also provide 1-year warranty. If the product has any fractures or damages that have appeared during usage and it is connected to the quality of manufacturing or materials, we will replace it.

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